• Beef Tendersticks: 0.75Kg, 1.5Kg or 3.0Kg as low as

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    • Another fantastically palatable 100% Beef treat from Crumps’ Naturals.
    • A Super training treat.
    • 100% federally-inspected beef that is sliced thin and cut into convenient sized sticks.
    • Tendersticks are soft and break up easily.
    • Perfect for smaller breeds!
    • Product comes loose in a lined box

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    120g package of Crumps' beef tendersticks MSRP= $11.99      = $99.91 / kg of beef tendersticks
    0.75 kg of beef tendersticks on Bulkpet.ca= $52.46                    = $69.94/ kg of beef tendersticks
    That's a savings of over 20%!!!
    Buy the 1.5 kg box and save over 30% off MSRP!!!

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