• Semi Moist Chicken Mini Trainers: 4Kg or 8Kg as low as


    • Made in Canada • A natural semi-moist option • Big flavor. Small on calories. • Ideal for all breeds

    These semi-moist treats are perfect for treating or training. Each bite size morsel is low in calories and packed with flavour making it an ideal training treat.

    Here's The Deal!        

    250g package of Crumps' chicken mini trainers MSRP= $12.49      = $49.96 / kg of chicken mini trainers

    4kg of chicken mini trainers on Bulkpet.ca= $159.80                       = $39.95 / kg of chicken mini trainers

    That's a savings of over 20%!!!

    Buy an 8kg case of chicken mini trainers and save an additional 10% off of MSRP!

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